Housing quality standards help to insure that the home will be safe, healthy and comfortable.  For more detailed information regarding HQS expectations, download the guide book (A Good Place To Live) from the forms tab below.


Passed inspections are required prior to any unit being assigned to our program.   Biennial (every other year)inspections are performed thereafter on or before the initial inspection was performed.  Any issues must be repaired within 30 days of inspection.  In some situations with unusual circumstances, an extension may be granted upon approval with the housing inspector.   Landlords please keep in mind that any damage(s) as a result from the tenant(s) may be chargeable.

New landlords will need to complete the following forms:

  1. A request for tenancy (provided by the tenant)
  2. Rent Determination Worksheet (provided by the tenant)
  3. A W-9 (file attached below) –one time occurrence.
  4. Banking information (checking account # and routing #) if you choose to have payments
  5. automatically deposited- one time occurrence.

Use the following basic HQS requirements to assist you with a preliminary inspection prior to the inspector’s arrival.  

  • Power & Water in unit.
  • Smoke alarms (2 preferable).
  • CO2 alarm with gas and/ or oil heat or appliance.
  • Light bulbs and light globes present.
  • Working Stove and refrigerator.
  • Permanent and reliable heat source.
  • Window screens present (at least one window per room).
  • No evidence of bugs or rodents.
  • No trip hazards (torn carpet, loose thresholds holes in floor).
  • No electrical hazards (loose wires, missing switch covers).
  • Doors and windows work properly (latch, lock and seal properly).
  • Secure and safe stairs and deck (handrail required with 4 or  more steps or 30” from ground).

*If you choose automatic deposit, banking information is needed (checking account and routing number)


Housing Inspector:
Chad Hall
Cell: 828-400-6676

Jackson County Office: 
25 Schulman Street
Sylva,  NC 28779

Haywood County Office: 
2177 Asheville Rd.
Waynesville, NC 28786