We, Mountain Projects: Karen Chambers

Karen Chambers, a folk artist (Thosekookychickens.com) lives in Highlands and thought it impossible to afford insurance as a self-employed person. She saw an Affordable Care Act flyer in the post office, though, and recognized the insurance counselor’s name, Cynthia Solsbee, as a friend of hers in the community.

“My husband Tim and I are self-employed artists and don’t make a whole lot of money, so insurance felt out of reach before I signed up for Obamacare,” Chambers says.

Thankfully, she did, because soon after, Karen had a heart attack that could’ve taken her life if she hadn’t sought immediate treatment. “If I didn’t have insurance, I would have felt reluctant to go to the hospital when I needed help. I’m grateful for Cynthia and Mountain Projects for ensuring that I could take care of myself.”