We, Mountain Projects: Darlene McElrath

Darlene McElrath has watched her mother cope with a common challenge: staying in her longtime home, but struggling to shop, clean and prepare meals.
For 15 years McElrath has served as Mountain Projects’ Senior Services Coordinator, where she has the chance to help hundreds of other families navigate such difficulties.
“We provide assistance to people who can’t do things by themselves anymore, and that makes a huge difference for them,” says McElrath. “I feel no one should have to move away if just a little help can allow them to continue living in the place they love, where they are comfortable and things are familiar.”
Beyond those basic needs, McElrath notes, Mountain Projects’ senior programs provide opportunities for socialization, interaction with others and chances to remain active and engaged with their peers.
All told, the organization serves hundreds of seniors across several programs.
Donations are welcome and put to good use, McElrath says – money goes toward shelf-stable food items and in-home services in particular – but the community can also help by spreading the word about Mountain Projects’ services.
“We want as many people as possible to be aware of what we offer,” she says.