Mountain Projects is now taking applications for the Self-Help Housing program for Haywood County.
If you or your family make $44,000 or less (family of 1-4) or $58,100 or less (family of 5-8) with good credit, you may
qualify for a new construction home loan with payments based on your income, plus no down payment/100% financed
loan. Only 3 lots left to build your house on, so act soon! For more info on this affordable housing program, funded
through USDA, please call 452-1447, ext. 127.


If you want more information on Owner-Built Housing/Self-Help Housing, call for an appointment:
Call Heather Boyd at 828-452-1447 ext. 127 or 1-800-627-1548

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It’s time to make your move. When the bank says no, this is your next step. Homeownership is within your reach, so reach out to us.