Letter from the Director: Spring 2021

Dear Friends of Mountain Projects,

Our intent with this Spring newsletter is to express our appreciation and reflect the impact that your December donations have made in the midst of the pandemic.

We saw a lot of suffering as the effects of Covid unfolded in our community, and we’ve been anxious to see what the winter quarter would bring. As springtime arrives we’re getting a clearer picture of what’s ahead, and please know that we, along with our clients, are immensely grateful for every contribution we received.

We’ve extended quite a few helping hands through the generosity of our contributors.

I want to share a note from one of our clients, to help you understand the value of your donations: “Thank you! We had nowhere else to turn. If it weren’t for Mountain Projects, my family would be living without power in our home, or even worse, evicted by the end of the month. Please thank your staff and the people who support your nonprofit. We never thought we would be in this situation and you all came through in the nick of time. From our hearts, thank you.”

At Mountain Projects, we know this story all too well. As a community action agency serving Haywood and Jackson counties, it’s our mission to provide stabilizing solutions for people with serious unmet needs: food, shelter, early childhood education, healthcare, substance misuse prevention and transportation – the basic building blocks that make a stable life. 

People often ask me who we serve and I always tell them this: our clients are just like you and me or our elderly parents or family members. We serve regular folks who are experiencing rough times. The truth is, everyone needs situational help at some time in their lives, and because Mountain Projects offers a diversity of services, we can step up when others can’t. A second truth is that we couldn’t do it without you.

Your generosity supports critical needs in our communities, just when our friends, family members and neighbors need it most.

With gratitude,

Patsy Davis, Executive Director